Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's Pinktober.

Wow! I must begin by saying THANK YOU for all the t-shirt orders! The response has been overwhelming, and we have already had to place multiple repeat orders which is a total blessing! From the nurses at John B. Amos, to childhood friends, to people I don't even know in CA and NJ....I hope they bring hope and perspective to each day you wear them.  Even Lindsey Buckingham (from Fleetwood Mac) is a fan! For those of you wanting to order one, simply click on the donate button at the top left side of this page and be sure to list your color, size, and mailing address! It's super easy.
So, we painted the town pink....and it was so cool.  Every year it becomes more and more special. That probably has something to do with my cancer diagnoses becoming progressively invasive, but oh well.  I am now recognizable, and my face has become synonymous with breast cancer.  I am proud. I am touched. I hope to be a bright ray of sunshine in the face of a treacherous storm. Even the mayor stood in line for a "Carly hug"...
I had another survivor approach me during the balloon release and say "You were here last year.  You had really pretty long blonde hair.  You obviously are fighting again, but you are every bit as beautiful as I remember you from last year."  Talk about a humbling, and jolting statement. I appreciated it more than she will ever know. Once again, my best friend's choir group sang some very touching tunes, with my sweet Mary Kathryn as a soloist. It is so incredible to see our small town unified in pink, heart, and mind for a whole day. Also, the Body Works exhibit was a MAJOR success, and will be touring different states.  There is also a book available for purchase regarding the project! Here is mine for those of you who did not get a chance to view it at the museum. 

In "Chemo News"...I have now completed 13 treatments.  I have 3 more Taxol sessions to go, and unfortunately I will not escape its dreaded side effects as I had once hoped.  Blackening nails, hot flashes, neuropathy, and aching muscles and bones.....on top of the fatigue.  Still losing lashes and brows too.  Chemo is not for the faint, nor vain, of heart. The treatments themselves have been relatively smooth, with the exception of being extremely delayed.  It is a bit nerve-wracking to arrive at 1:30, but the drugs not drip until 3:00pm.  Unfortunately, that like many other aspects of this cancer game are completely out of my control so I try to find distractions.  And my caregivers are good at that. :)
Tis the season of fundraisers! This coming weekend is the grandiose Chili Cook Off, November 3rd will be a CBHF Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A,  and there will be a benefit motorcycle ride/Boston butt sale on November 19th! I feel so fortunate and grateful to all my supporters and pray that I will continue to keep up the energy to be present for all of these fun events. Off to get some rest before a busy day tomorrow...