Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OH NO-vember!

Much has happened since mid-October.

For starters, I finished Taxol. The pictures depict the countdown of the final 3 Taxol sessions, and now we begin the every three week Herceptin regimen from now till next August.

Shortly after my last post, I road-tripped with several family members to MD for the most incredible Chili Cook Off hosted by one of my dearest friends. We made a lot of new friends and tasted some delicious chili.  Georgia's very own Lindsey B. brought home 2nd place!

We had a Halloween party at the barn which we haven't done since the monumental loss of Ray last November. I looked around my house for costume ideas and decided upon "Super Cancer Carly" seemed fitting for the battles I have faced this year (the past three years actually). It was bittersweet being back in the barn. It is as if time stood still, and we are all waiting for Ray to walk in at any moment, grandiose and charming. We had a good time, sang a few tunes, and Dad and I even found time to swap wigs ;)

This past Thursday we had a spirit night at our local Chick-fil-A. We had a great turnout and the staff was so accommodating.  It was fun to see so many familiar smiling faces in one spot. It was truly "my pleasure."

Things were looking up, things were going well....until yesterday (11/8/11). My pal Tanner took me to my oncology appointment where Dr. Pippas diagnosed me with shingles.  He was concerned but not surprised as this diagnosis is common with such a severely lowered immune system.  Shingles is basically like chicken pox for adults, but more painful.  After my 2 hour Herceptin session, Pippas sent me directly across town to a dermatologist for confirmation.  This doc has obviously never had shingles, because if so, he might not have been quite so quick to stick a needle directly into the worst one. After enduring that brief torture, Tanner and I set out to get food for the first time that day.

My dismal day turned into a traumatic evening.  We were stopped at a red light (intersection of Veterans Parkway and Whitesville) when a man in a black Honda plowed into us from behind. I went via ambulance to St. Francis. Xrays showed no broken bones, but severe muscle spasms. Thus, just as I thought was about to get some relief from the chemo drugs, life sent me two major setbacks.  I've got a nightstand full of prescriptions and plenty of folks around to make sure I am taking them on schedule.  Tot doesn't mind keeping me company, any excuse to lay around and be a lazy dog.  Mom came to town so if I am unreachable, you can check with her on my progress.  Please say prayers for healing.  It would be nice to catch a break one of these days....until then I will keep on reaching in and looking up for continued strength, energy, and light.