Saturday, May 28, 2011

Events of the Second Day in Houston...

I have some good news and bad news.  Good news first....

My initial appointment at MDA went very well. The facility is awesome and the people are friendly. Dr. Moulder has a wonderful demeanor and a reassuring presence.  She was very quick to tell me that I am a "beyond unique" cancer case. She requested all the actual original slides from every surgical procedure from the past three years.  She wants her staff to review the pathology, and confirm that it is indeed breast cancer we should be treating, and not any other possibility (i.e. cancer of the sweat gland, etc).  She assured me that there was not anything my doctors could have done differently thus far, due to the way my cancer has behaved: unpredictable and bizarre.  We had lunch there in the Waterfall Cafe and went back up for appointment scheduling.  I have a full day of imaging next Wednesday.  The pictures I've included are the front of the clinic, waiting in the waiting room, and the tree sculpture at Mays Clinic :)

The bad news is hotel 4:00am again THIS morning the smoke alarm went off.  This is especially annoying because it happened the previous morning in this exact manner, and we checked with the staff on four separate occasions to ensure it had been handled before retiring to our room yesterday evening. So, there we were at 4:30 am, a cancer patient and her exasperated mother lugging groceries and luggage to our new room.  We managed to salvage a few hours of sleep but were not happy campers.

We do not have any appointments till Tuesday (an ultrasound for SIRM) so we intend to run errands today, and maybe make time for a mani/pedi. If anyone has suggested "must sees" for Houston, please send them on!



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  1. A friend of mine lives in Houston, I'll ask him about any must see attractions and let you know.