Friday, May 27, 2011

First Day in Texas

What I've learned so far about Houston:

-Everyone is friendly with the exception of the cab drivers...they are NOT.
-Dinner/movie for two people costs less than the cab rides to get there and back...we are renting a car today.
-I would have much preferred being in LA at Stevie's birthday concert last night, I hear phenomenal things.
-Our hotel is nice but not without issues.....

All within the first 24 hours: a broken bed frame they had to literally replace, a severe lack of toiletry items (nothing major....just SHAMPOO), and a screeching dying battery in our smoke alarm-NOT a pleasant way to awaken after a long travel day/day ahead of reliving my medical history yet again and also unknown doctors, etc.

After a long day at MDA, followed by a long nap after that, I will update to report on my visit.

If anyone wants to see our shining faces, we are periodically available to Skype.....gypsycarly

Until we meet again.......

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