Friday, August 5, 2011

Adios Adriamycin!

Hello lovelies...

It is time for an actual health update.  On Tuesday, I had my last round of Adriamycin/Cytoxan, and that hopefully means my last dose of Neulasta (this is the white cell booster shot that makes me feel like I have the flu).  Thursdays are exceptionally awful due the side effects of this drug trifecta...I did not even recognize myself in the mirror this morning. I looked and felt like a zombie for the duration of today.

Even though these drugs are done, my treatment is far from over. I begin the Taxol/Herceptin regimen on 8/16. I will have 12 weeks of this cocktail, weekly.

Carls, Lily, and Memster
In between blog posts, I had some sweet visits with some of my fam/friends, and a couple of new fundraiser events have come to fruition: Zumba in LaGrange on 8/27 and Chili Cook Off in MD on 10/15.  Let me know if you need additional event info! I appreciate everyone's support in whatever capacity it is provided, and am looking forward to seeing everyone shake, shake, shake, shake, sh-shake it at Zumba :)

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